September 9: Today is Dave Stewart of Eurythmics 59th birthday.

David Allan Stewart was born in Sunderland in North East England. He is a BRIT Award winning English musician, songwriter and record producer, best known for his work with Eurythmics. (He is usually credited as David A. Stewart, to avoid confusion with other musicians named "Dave Stewart.")

Stewart has been described by friend and collaborator, Bob Dylan, as a "fearless innovator."

In 1971, Stewart secured a record deal with the folk-rock band Longdancer, but the group flopped. In late 1976, he was introduced to Annie Lennox by a mutual friend. Soon, Stewart and Lennox became lovers. By 1977, the pair had teamed up with Sunderland musician Peet Coombes, releasing a single on Logo Records as The Catch. The band then developed into The Tourists who enjoyed modest success, including a hit in 1979 with a cover of the Dusty Springfield hit "I Only Want to Be with You."

Stewart and Lennox left The Tourists freeing them to experiment with electronics and other innovative musical techniques. Calling themselves Eurythmics - after a dance technique Eurythmy that Lennox had encountered at the Waldorf School - they decided to keep themselves as the only permanent members and songwriters, and involve others in the collaboration as they saw fit "on the basis of mutual compatibility and availability." They became Britain's biggest selling duo, selling 75 million records worldwide.

After strenuous years of touring and recording - they had released eight studio albums in eight years - a rift developed and Eurythmics disbanded.

Stewart began writing film soundtracks and had a big international hit in 1990 with the instrumental track "Lily Was Here" (featuring saxophonist Candy Dulfer). The single reached no.6 in the UK and the Top 20 throughout much of Europe, as well as in Australia and the US. He also formed a band called The Spiritual Cowboys, releasing two albums with this group in the early 1990s. Lennox took time off from her career to, among other things, have a baby.

In the late 1990s, Eurythmics reunited and recorded a new album, Peace, which was released in 1999.

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