Vray 2 Final For 3ds MAX 2011

Vray 2 Final For 3ds MAX 2011 (X86-X64) | 123.35 MB
V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max is a complete rendering solution, which combines the power of the distinguished V-Ray rendering engine with the flexibility and unprecedented speed of the interactive rendering system V-Ray RT, now running on GPUs. V-Ray 2.0 is officially on the market starting 6th December 2010.

• V-Ray RT and V-Ray RT GPU interactive renderers are included as part of the V-Ray installation

• VRayCarPaintMtl material with accurate flakes simulation;
• VRayDistanceTex texture that measures distances to arbitrary mesh objects;
• Dispersion in the VRayMtl material, utilizing the new support for wavelength-dependent ray tracing;

• V-Ray specific light lister;
• Directionality parameter for rectangle V-Ray lights to turn them into (textured) spot lights;

Render Elements
• VRayLightSelect render element to extract the contribution of individual lights;
• VRayDRBucket render element to show which machine rendered a given bucket in DR mode;

• VRayLensEffects render effect for producing glow and glare with support for obstacle images and diffraction;
• VRayExposureControl plugin for proper exposure of regular viewport and camera views;

• VRayStereoRig controller for easy stereoscopic setup;
• Shade maps for faster rendering of stereo images, DOF and motion blur through the VRayStereoscopic helper;
• Retrace threshold for the light cache
• Dynamic loading of tiled OpenEXR textures through the VRayHDRI texture;
• Integration of the various V-Ray components in the 3ds Max “Create” menu;
• Tools for calculating and rendering accurate camera distortion through .lens files;
• Faster rendering of VRayProxy objects;
• Support for proper motion blur of Thinking Particles;
• Proper blending of gizmos for VRayEnvironmentFog;
• Improved raytracing precision in certain cases;
• Render history for the V-Ray VFB;
• Load and compare images directly in the V-Ray frame buffer;
• Support for rendering of VRayProxy objects as point clouds;
• Better representation of V-Ray lights in the new hardware viewport for 3ds Max 2010 and later;
• Support for bidirectional path tracing for accurate unbiased lighting solutions;

…and many other small fixes and improvements

System requirements

* • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional (32- or 64-bit)
* • Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business (SP2 or higher) (32- or 64-bit)
* • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (SP2 or higher) (32- or 64-bit)

Luxology modo 501 B40017

Luxology modo 501 B40017 WiN32/WiN64
TEAM QUASAR | 12-17-2010 | 2.14GB
Go beyond the traditional 3D workflow to an immersive creative environment. modo delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and accelerated package for the Mac and PC. And now, modo is a true end-to-end solution that includes true 3D sculpting tools, animation and network rendering! More than just features, modo is a truly elegant integration of technology, raw horsepower and refined workflow. modo is a creation tool designed by artists, for artists. It is not just a collection of algorithms, but a refined combination of technology, performance and workflow that encourages the 3D creation process. modo is a unique tool that invites and compels you to achieve your best. modo’s advanced architecture fully exploits modern computing technologies, including multi-core CPUs, pressure-sensitive tablets and hardware-accelerated OpenGL so that new levels of “creative flow” can be achieved.

Release Info:
Supplier . : QUASAR
Cracker .. : QUASAR
Packager . : QUASAR
Type ..... : 3D Model/Render
Date ..... : 12-17-2010
OS ....... : Win 32/64bit

Homepage: http://www.luxology.com/modo/




Download Luxology modo 501 B40017 WiN32/WiN64

TwistedBrush Pro Studio v17.23

TwistedBrush Pro Studio v17.23 | 21 MB
Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio - digital paint software with complete natural art tools - oils, acrylics, pastel, charcoal etc. Software for artists without the complexity of other art programs. TwistedBrush Pro Studio - creating art the way it should be, simple and fun!

Simplicity without sacrifice, powerful enough for the professional artist yet simple enough for the novice. TwistedBrush Pro Studio has one of the most versatile and powerful brush engines in existence, yet it was designed from day one to be easy to use. TwistedBrush Pro Studio has more than 3,000 brushes, along with all the features that artists love to use: layers, realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, patterns, textures, integrated scanner support, image brushes, drawing guides, reference image views, dirty brushes, scratch layer, dynamic palettes and a whole lot more.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio runs on all versions of the Windows operating system and is designed for all realms of digital art including natural media fine art, photo retouching, photo composition, photo cloning to turn your photos into the look of hand painted artwork, mandala art, patterns, manga, even 3D like painting with the incredible blob modeling tools.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio Feature Highlights:
Workspace. The workspace in TwistedBrush is designed to reduce the number of floating windows that overlay your painting surface freeing you from the chore of constantly shuffling windows around. Over 50 brushes are right at your fingertips, along with numerous color palette options and tools that get assigned to your right button click to further streamline your artist workflow.
Sketckbook. TwistedBrush works much like a real sketchbook. When you start TwistedBrush it is like opening your sketchbook, it is immediately ready to draw or paint on your page. When you're done with a page you turn to the the next page. You never need to manually save your work. But of course you can export your pictures to any number of the standard image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA, TIFF, GIF, etc.
Page Explorer. Like a unlimited supply of sketchbooks, TwistedBrush keeps your pages stored in books. Up to 500 pages per book and an unlimited number of books means you'll never run out of paper! The Page Explorer makes it easy to view and reorganize your pages in your sketchbooks. Even assign a name to your sketch book if you like.
Select Brushes. In any digital painting program the core of the system is in the brushes. Therefore easy access to the brushes is key. In TwistedBrush there are over 2000 brushes included with more added all the time. With the brush shortcut system your favorite brushes are always ready for you.
ArtSets. ArtSets organize the brushes in TwistedBrush into groups of 60 brushes. There are a variety of types of ArtSets, from standard art tools, specialize collections, patterns brushes, cloners, photo retouching brushes, image brushes, etc.
Editing ArtSets. It is easy to create your own brushes and then store them into your own ArtSets. All the tools used by the creators of TwistedBrush to create brushes and ArtSets are included. You can even create your own collections of brushes easily by entering the ArtSet build mode and selecting brushes from other ArtSets. Then if you like, make these your shortcuts with a press of a button.
Select Colors. Color selections are plentitful with the included color palettes. Additionally you can tweak selected colors, create your own palettes, select colors from your picture, from a reference image, the scratch layer or even the trace source image. Dynamic palettes also aid in color selections, allowing you to pick from the history of colors used or hue ranges from your currently selected color.
Tools. All the tools you expect are available from the tool bar. When you have a tool selected it is activated with the right mouse (stylus) click. This means your drawing brush is always available and you never need to reselect your brush to start painting again. The tools you expect are here, eye dropper, cropping, moving, line, box, ellipse, flood fill, gradiant, masking tools, text, drawing guides, brush rotate, brush cleaner etc.
Layers. TwistedBrush includes an advanced system called Layers. With layers you can split your work into transparent layers that sit on top on each others and allow for incredible editing and adjustment options even at the end stages of your painting. A wide range of layer blending modes exist including many not available in any other painting program.
Paper Textures. Use paper textures while you draw to give the feel and look of textured paper and canvas. Over 70 different surface textures are included.
Masks. Masks are the artists masks you may be familiar with if you've done traditional artwork. TwistedBrush has an extensive set of masking capabilities that you'll use to protect and manipulate areas of your work. Included is a magic wand with a number of different modes for creating your masks. Or use a common shape or one of the many masking brushes to create exactly the mask you need.
Filters. A filter allows for processing the image all at once. TwistedBrush includes the full range of image processing filters ready to use.
Tracing Paper. The tracing paper feature gives you the ability to turn your canvas into tracing paper so that you can see a reference image below it for use as a drawing guide. This is invaluable for many types of work.
Cloning. Cloning, taking image data from somewhere else and placing it into your painting, that is cloning. The source image for the TwistedBrush cloning brushes can be a different image or from another area of your current picture. The cloners can be used to render a photo as a artist drawing, or to touch-up a photo or do many things in-between.
Scripts. With scripts you can record your painting actions and play them back, recreating your painting from scratch. This has value for trying out different "what-if" scenarios, for teaching pusposes, for animation production when used with the AVI saving option or just for entertainment.
Pattern Brushes. There are a number of ArtSets that contain Pattern brushes. These brushes paint a pattern on your canvas as you paint. Adjust the size the pattern with the density slider. Categories of patterns include, surface, materials, nature and others.
Brush Shapes. Most any brush in TwistedBrush can be further enhanced with a shape.
Drawing Guides. Drawing guides are a visual aid that appears over your canvas to help you with perspective, distances, and general construction of your artwork. A large number of different drawing guides are included.
Image Brushes. Image brushes are powerful tools for both recreating the flow and feel of working with natural media but also for allowing for extraordinary painting effects. The Image Brushes : Basic ArtSet includes the brushes you need that when used in combination of captured images give you an unlimited supply of brushes.
Image Warp. When using the Image Warp tool you will be pulling, pushing, pinching, and stretching your image as if it was make of rubber or putty. These tools at the extreme case can be fun for wildly adjusting a photo as shown here. But used with more finese they are invaluble for making minor adjustments to your photos or artwork saving you countless hours or re-working in more labor intensive ways.

Home Page - http://www.pixarra.com

Download TwistedBrush Pro Studio v17.23

SmartDraw 2010 v2010.0.5.911

SmartDraw 2010 v2010.0.5.911 | 23.77 MB

SmartDraw is a drawing application to design business graphics, diagrams and charts of all kinds. The program improves communication, organization, management and planning by drawing any processes. If you know Microsoft’s Visio, this program will be familiar to you. The application also has tutorials to help.

It translates whatever you need to communicate into compelling, professional-quality visuals in minutes — eliminating the need for manual drawing. Start by selecting the exact template you need, add your message and SmartDraw does the rest.

It includes many templates for different tasks, business and engineering areas. It also contains a big clip-art collection that complements any type of drawing. The interface works with drag and drop and easily adds or removes symbols. Free drawings and tables can be added to the diagrams independently of the type.

Users can choose from over 20 different categories to start creating a drawing; among which we can find: Basics, Flowcharts, Organization, Charts & Graphics, Project, and Timeline, Floor plans, Landscape, Web, Presentation, Software, Engineering and more.

This version has full Microsoft Office integration. That means that you can send your completed drawing directly to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Plus it can now open new and old Visio files (.vsd) and new files(.vsdx) without losing connections or properties.

Actually, the application offers far more customization options than Visio; it even integrates with MS Sharepoint services. Ultimately, all the designs can be saved in a number of formats including JPEG, PDF, HTML and AutoCAD interchange

Install Notes:
1. Install SmartDraw 2010, usining the given installer "smartdraw_11E_DWXIU_setup.exe", and do not run.
2. Copy the keygen "SD2010.Keygen.exe" to prog dir,i.e. "C:\Program Files\Smartdraw 2010\".
3. Run the keygen and choose "SmartDraw.exe". But, you should first click "1. Patch Activation" and then click "2. Generate License".
4. DONE!

Home Page - http://www.smartdraw.com/product/

Download SmartDraw 2010 v2010.0.5.911

Edraw Max Professional

Edraw Max Professional | 26.72 MB

Edraw Max enables students, teachers and business professionals to reliably create and publish kinds of diagrams to represent any ideas. It's an all-in-one graphics software that makes it simple to create professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, business presentations, building plans, mind maps, fashion designs, UML diagrams, workflows, program structures, web design diagrams, electrical engineering diagrams, directional maps, database diagrams and more. With large pre-drawn libraries and more than 4600 vector symbols, drawing couldn't be easier! Edraw Max lets you create a wide range of diagrams using templates, shapes, and drawing tools while working in an intuitive and familiar Office-style environment.

NEW Features:

The UI is MS Office 2010 style like. Full ribbon features.
Added Themes, Color Themes, Effects and Fonts. Easy to change the whole diagram by changing the active theme. With the new Theme feature, you can format the colors and effects in an entire diagram with a single click.
Real-time previews. When you scroll over the various galleries in Edraw, you'll see your drawings and various objects change to display what they'll look like if you decide to apply those settings. Just click on the thumbnail in the gallery to actually accept the changes. This makes it a lot faster to see, for example, how changing a color scheme will affect your drawings.
Quick layouts and quick styles. These provide quick formatting options for the object in question, and make it easy to create good-looking slides with just a few clicks.
Put Edraw graphics into Word, Excel, PowerPoint with one-click buttons.
Text objects supported line space, bullet, Indent, back color, super script, sub script and more.
Shadows in general are so very nice compared to those in previous versions. We can actually control the transparency, amount of blur, and color now.
Shape and text presets make it really easy to apply a preset look to an object or text.
It's quicker to zoom in and out now using the zoom slider in the southeast corner of the screen.
Table support.
Recolor picture, Light and Contrast, transparent PNG support.
Opened the Shape Sheet for senior users to create more complicated shapes.
More 2000 clip arts.
Improved the Insert Hyperlink function.
Improved the Print function. Support more page sizes such as A0, A1. You can also print the large size graphics in separate pages.
Persistent undo and redo.
High quality graphic export.
Edraw Max is a vector-based diagramming software, which means whatever size you change the diagram, it will always keep high quality.
Easy and friendly UI
Edraw UI is MS Office-style like, it's easy to learn and use. If you are familiar with MS Office, you are familiar with Edraw quickly.
Work with MS Office well
Edraw provides several ways to cooperate with MS Office system.
You can copy the selected shapes then paste it into MS Office document.
You can insert the Edraw OLE object in MS Office application.
You also can export the drawings to generics graphic formats such as jpg, tif, bmp. Then switch to MS Office and insert the picture.
Support almost all kinds of graphics formats
Supports almost all the generics graphics formats, it can export or import those common graphics formats, like bmp, gif, dib, png, tif, wmf, emf, html and so on.
Save as exe file and share it with anyone without Edraw
You can save your drawing file to exe format and share it with anyone you want, even it has no Edraw installed.
Provide drawing tools like Illustrator
Provides a set of drawing tools like Adobe Illustrator, with those tools you can draw your own shapes or change the shapes in library.
Distribute shapes automatically
Edraw can help you align and arrange all shapes automatically, this will speed your working.
Strong style system and plenty of beautiful build-in styles
Edraw has an easy and quick style system, and provides a lot of pre-defined styles, which can help you make your diagram beautiful and personal in short time.
Abundant libraries and templates involving kinds of fields
Provide abundant libraries and templates include flowcharts, organizational charts, build plans, network diagrams and more.
Define and manage your own libraries and templates
You can draw your own shapes and documents save as libraries and templates, and use them as pre-defined libraries and templates.

Edraw System requirement

Windows® 2000, Windows® XP Tablet PC, Windows® XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
256 MB of RAM, 20 MB of hard disk space
Pentium® III, 750MHz processor
1,024 x 768 or better monitor resolution
Mouse and keyboard

Update policy

You are assured of our best quality products and the strongest support. The maintenance update fee is free forever. The major upgrade is freely available within 12 months. Relative to Edraw, other products have the higher price and is expensive to update too.
About EdrawSoft

EdrawSoft specializes in diagramming software development, graphic component development and web-based application.

It was founded in 2004 with the mission of creating high quality, easy-to-use drawing software. We believe that great software doesn't have to be expensive and should be affordable to anyone.
Real Users Say

Over the usual elements that you can see in any of similar solutions, Edraw Max provides a full power of modern interfaces, huge, smartly organized library of primitives, along with many examples and tutorials. When you just start working with a new Edraw Max diagram, you're asked to select its "kind" and the software provides you with the corresponding primitives. Of course, you can always load more primitives or even search them by name. The kinds of diagrams available in Edraw Max cover all the areas you can imagine about schemes and diagrams: Flowcharts, DB architecture, Organization Charts, Mind Maps, Networks and much more, and there are several sections in the shapes library for each kind of diagrams, as well as several examples that come with the software. You can save your own shapes in the shape gallery for further usage. As for drawing itself, Edraw Max provides a really convenient vector editor, with handy shapes grouping, locking and organizing, selection and zooming; you can control all the parameters (colors, fonts, and lines) of every shape, either yours or from the library. All the beauty pictures you've designed can be easily exported and printed in a strict correspondence with the screen picture.

Edraw Max is rather a lightweight yet incredibly powerful business graphic software that helps you with all of your drawing and graphing needs - from organizations and flow charts - to database designs, home floor, fashion design. Software developers can also use Edraw to draw UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams to visualize their designs.

Great value for the money! If flow diagrams are the only thing you plan to use it for, Visio might be a bit of overkill. If you want to be using it for other things too though it would be better value for money. Visio is too expensive for my taste, and I have found a good flowcharting software. I just wanted to write Edraw is great value for its money! It is very easy to use!

Home Page - http://www.edrawsoft.com/EDrawMax.php

Download links:

Download Edraw Max Professional


date: January 8th, 2010
type: 3D Animation

Description: Vue 8 xStream offers professional CG artists a complete toolset for creating and rendering exceptionally rich and realistic natural environments in 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and Softimage.

Access all the power of the world's leading 3D Digital Nature solution directly from within your favorite application. Create and edit beautifully detailed natural environments using your application's standard manipulators.

Render everything together inside 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D or Softimage, with full interaction between Vue and native elements, including 2-way mutual shadow casting, reflection, refraction and GI

DVD1 : Windows and MACOSX installation files
DVD2 : Extras

Unpack, burn & install.
Check Crack/install.txt on DVD1


NFO | Homepage


DVD1 only : Windows and MACOSX installation files

DVD2 only : Extras



password: www.downloadbox.org

As Cariocas – Minissérie Completa – HDTV XviD

As Cariocas   Minissérie Completa   HDTV XviDFICHA TÉCNICA

Título Original: As Cariocas
Episódios: 10
Gênero: Minissérie
Tempo de Duração: 24 ~ 30 min
Direção: Daniel Filho
Data de Exibição: 2010
Tamanho: 270 ~ 350 Mb
Formato: HDTV
Qualidade Áudio: 10
Qualidade Vídeo: 10
Áudio: Português

Sinopse: As Cariocas é um seriado que tem como tema central a mulher. O seriado é inspirado no livro homônimo de Sérgio Porto e adaptada por Euclydes Marinho. A minissérie tem como diretor o sumido Daniel Filho e trás no elenco 10 beldades, uma em cada episódio.

Cada episódio será independente do outro e vai tratar de sentimentos e conflitos humanos.

Aline Moraes será Nadia, no episódio ” A Noiva do Catete “. Angélica e Huck também vão participar. Eles protagonizaram os personagens de “A traída da Barra”. Outras atrizes: Regina Duarte como Malu em homegangem a Malu Mulher, Fernanda Torres como Cris em “A invejosa de ipanema”, Paola Oliveira como Clarissa em “A atormentada da Tijuca”, Adriana Esteves e Aílton Neves no episódio ” A vingativa do Méier”.

As Cariocas S01E01 – A Noiva do Catete

As Cariocas S01E02 – A Vingativa do Méier

As Cariocas S01E03 – A Atormentada da Tijuca

As Cariocas S01E04 – A Invejosa de Ipanema

As Cariocas S01E05 – A Internauta da Mangueira

As Cariocas S01E06 – A Adúltera da Urca

As Cariocas S01E07 – A Desinibida do Grajaú

As Cariocas S01E08 – A Iludida de Copacabana

As Cariocas S01E09 – A Suicida da Lapa

As Cariocas S01E10 – A Traída da Barra

Digital Tutors - V-Ray Hypershade Nodes in Maya 2011

Digital Tutors - V-Ray Hypershade Nodes in Maya 2011
Digital Tutors - V-Ray Hypershade Nodes in Maya 2011
English | VP6F 782x646 | MP3 96 kbps | 510 MB
Genre: eLearning
In this collection of lessons we will be exploring several of the V-Ray rendering nodes that can be found in Maya's Hypershade.
These Hypershade nodes can be used to create a variety of effects and many of these nodes provide us a number of additional controls over our V-Ray renders. For example, we will be taking an in-depth look at a number of nodes that can be used individually or used together to create a variety of surface material types that obey real-world laws of optics. We will also learn a variety of methods for adding volumetric effects to our renders, creating subsurface scattering materials, using geometry as a direct illumination source, along with many other lessons dedicated to the various V-Ray nodes found in Maya's Hypershade.

Lesson Outline (17 lessons)
1. Introduction and project overview
2. Overview of the V-Ray material in Maya – Part 1
3. Overview of the V-Ray material in Maya – Part 2
4. Creating 2-sided shaders in V-Ray
5. Using the V-Ray Light material in Maya
6. Utilizing the V-Ray Blend material in Maya
7. Using the V-Ray Fresnel texture in Maya
8. Working with the V-Ray Bump material in Maya
9. Understanding the V-Ray Material Wrapper in Maya
10. Using the V-Ray Subsurface Scattering material
11. Exploring the V-Ray SSS Single Scatter attributes
12. Using the V-Ray Dirt texture in Maya
13. Utilizing the V-Ray Edges texture in Maya
14. Using the V-Ray Fur Sampler node in Maya
15. Working with V-Ray Environment Fog
16. Rendering volumetric geometry with V-Ray
17. Rendering murky liquids in V-Ray for Maya

CG Academy - 3ds Max Training Collection (33 DVDS)

CG Academy - 3ds Max Training Collection
CG Academy - 3ds Max Training Collection (33 DVDS)
English | 33DVD-ISO | Video Training + project files | x264 1280x720 | AC3 384 Kbps | 71 GB
Genre: eLearning
Are you ready for some serious learning? If you are, then why not invest in our entire range of DVDs? Currently we have DVDs on 3dsmax Workflow, Modelling, Texturing, Maxscript, Character Rigging, Particle Flow and Afterburn. The bundle includes over 60 hours of tutorials provided by some of 3dsmax's aknowledged masters of their field.

DVD01 - 3dsmax Workflow 1 - User Interface & Basic Workflow
DVD02 - 3dsmax Workflow 2 - Proceduralism
DVD03 - Modelling Fundamentals 1 - Primitives & Poly Fundamentals
DVD04 - Modelling Fundamentals 2 - Polygonal Mesh Modelling
DVD05 - Modelling Fundamentals 3 - Spline Based Tools
DVD06 - Modelling Fundamentals 4 - Sub-Ds & Combined Techniques
DVD07 - Advanced Modelling 1 - Sub-D Creature Modelling
DVD08 - Advanced Modelling 2 - Technical Modelling 1
DVD09 - Texturing Fundamentals 1 - UV Mapping & Texturing
DVD10 - Intermediate Texturing 1 - The Unwrap UVW Tool
DVD11 - Advanced Texturing 1 - Creature UV Unwrapping
DVD12 - Intermediate Rigging 1 - FK Spine, Leg & Foot Rig
DVD13 - Intermediate Rigging 2 - Spline IK, Arm & Hand Rig
DVD14 - Intermediate Rigging 3 - Skinning Techniques
DVD15 - Intermediate Rigging 4 - Facial Rigging Techniques
DVD16 - MAXScript Fundamentals 1 - Variables, Macroscripts & Functions
DVD17 - MAXScript Fundamentals 2 - MAXScript For The Masses
DVD18 - Advanced MAXScript 1 - The Matrix: Explained
DVD19 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 1 - Principles & Workflow
DVD20 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 2 - Operators1
DVD21 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 3 - Operators 2
DVD22 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 4 - Tests, Forces & Collisions
DVD23 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 5 - Practical Examples
DVD24 - Particle Flow Scripting 1 - The PFlow Script Show
DVD25 - Particle Flow Scripting 2 - The PFlow Script Show : Act 2
DVD26 - Lighting & Rendering Fundamentals 1 - Light & colour Theory
DVD27 - Animation Fundamentals 1 - The Core Principles
DVD28 - Animation Fundamentals 2 - Adding Character
DVD29 - Afterburn Masters 1 - Afterburn Fundamentals
DVD30 - Afterburn Masters 2 - Fireball
DVD31 - Afterburn Masters 3 - Air Strike
DVD32 - HLSL Shader Creation 1 - HLSL Shader Fundamentals
DVD33 - HLSL Shader Creation 2 - Light & Shading Models
When working on a production, its common to work as a part of a large team, with each member working on a specific area of that project. This is reflected within the software itself, with each part of the software targeting a specific need such as modelling, texturing, lighting, and particle effects. CG Academy caters to these disciplines with an in depth series of DVDs on each skill set.
However, within our Workflow series, we look beyond these specific areas to the global concerns of our package of choice and production as a whole. We also explore features that define your software, for instance with 3dsmax we look at how we can use its prodecural design within our workflow. You can think of workflow as the glue that bonds the various disciplines together, how we move from modelling to texturing, from finished models to rigging them and so on, giving us a greater insight into the wider topic of 3d computer graphics.
You really can't get any more fundamental a need in most CG productions than Modelling. Whether it be an accurate model of a new building design, a mechanical model of a vehicle or prop, to a fantasy creature or photo real human model. Most productions will need models to fill the on screen roles needed to tell their narative.
Our series of modelling DVDs will build your skills both in mechanical and natural modelling realms with titles that cover this broad topic at every level. Also we will look at taking your models one stage further with procedural techniques that can make your models become tools in their own right to further speed up your modelling processes.
When you have created some 3D Models, of course the first thing you will want to do is to apply some colour and texture to them. In our texturing DVDs we will lead you through all aspects of texturing. From mapping your models with UV coordinates in preparation for receiving their surfaces, through to applying realistic shaders, using bitmap textures, procedural textures, normal mapping and so on.
MAXScript can be used in any stage of a pipeline. You can use it at the beginning to help with modelling, you can use it during rigging to aid in making your setups more flexible and to automate the process. MAXScript can be used during scene layout to "paint" props such as rocks and flowers over a landscape and can be used in your Particle Flows to create effects that would otherwise be impossible.
MAXScript as you can see is a tool that no serious 3dsmax user should be without, as it opens up a world of power and flexibility and will give you the dge in almost any situation. In this series by Laszlo Sebo and Borislav Petrov we will teach you MAXScript from the very fundamentals, all the way through to advanced techniques and beyond.
Once we have modelled our buildings, cars or characters, sooner or later for most CG users we need to make them into working models both for animation and for "posing" our models in stills. Our buildings doors need to open, our cars have to hug terrain and turn corners and our characters need to be quickly posable so we can create character animation quickly and easily.
This topic teaches rigging of all kinds, though it is more heavily biased towards character rigging, as it is here that often the most advanced techniques come into play.
Once you have your sets and characters/vehicles Modelled and Rigged, you may find the need to make them move in a realistic manner. 3D animation continues the traditions and techniques developed by the animation pioneers of the 20th century. Of course in CG we need to combine those artistic skills with the more technical aspects of 3D software.
Our range of Animation DVDs will teach you how to animate from the ground up, not purely focussing on Character Animation alone, but in animating all elements of our scenes, whether creature or machine.
Lighting & Rendering:
Near the end of any 3D pipeline you will need to take the characters, landscapes, simulations and particle FX and Render them to produce a final 2D image. This is a very broad topic that encompasses a number of areas, including colour theory, compositing techniques, surface shading modelling, lighting, photographic techniques and much more. Here you will find DVDs that deal with the many varied areas of Lighting & Rendering on 3dsmax and Maya.
3dsmax has a major role to play in the creation of much of the artwork in current video games titles. Its use is as diverse as producing 3D models / textures, game level models / textures, real time shader development and character animation. As the games toolset is very specific to the current technology in use on the PC and Consoles, we felt at CG Academy that it deserved its own topic. Here you will find DVD titles that focus specifically on the workflows and technical needs of the games artist.
Particles & SFX:
Particles are used in 3d software to produce simulations of thousands of tiny objects that need to act in a dynamic manner. With particles its possible to simulate snow, smoke, fire, sparks and plasma. 3dsmax offers a large range of particles systems, from the standard Particle Flow, to Cebas's Thinking Particles.
We currently offer a five DVD series on 3dsmax's Particle Flow and an advanced level, three DVD series on Afterburn (a volumetric smoke and fluid renderer for 3dsmax).
Download (450MB/1part)

Pixologic Zbrush v4.0

Pixologic Zbrush v4.0

Pixologic Zbrush v4.0

ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program that has revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows. Built within an elegant interface, ZBrush offers the world's most advanced tools for today's digital artists. With an arsenal of features that have been developed with usability in mind, ZBrush creates a user experience that feels incredibly natural while simultaneously inspiring the artist within. With the ability to sculpt up to a billion polygons, ZBrush allows you to create limited only by your imagination.


Pixologic Zbrush v4.0

LOBO - Legendado


Em uma noite, Will Randall (Jack Nicholson) atropela um lobo e acaba sendo mordido. Aos poucos, ele começa a se transformar em um lobisomem, ao mesmo tempo em que vê sua vida pessoal e profissional se afundarem. É quando ele conhece Laura Alden (Michelle Pfeiffer), uma bela moça que não sabe com quem está se envolvendo.

Informações Técnicas:

Título...............: Lobo
Formato de Vídeo.....: xVid
Formato de Áudio.....: Mp3
Qualidade............: DVD-Rip
Idioma...............: Ingles
Legenda..............: Português
Tamanho..............: 700 Mb
Duração..............: 125 min
Resolução............: 688 x 368

Windows 7 x86 (32-Bit) | x64 (64-Bit) PT-BR


Este é o ISO original do 7 X86 (32-Bit) PT-BR | Windows 7 X64 (64-Bit) PT-BR, lançado dia 22/10/09, com apenas uma modificação no arquivo ‘ei.cfg’ (foi removido). As edições presentes neste ISO são: Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional e Ultimate. Você pode escolher qualquer uma delas e instalar no seu desktop ou notebook sem problemas.


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Windows 7 x86 (32-Bit) PT-BR

Windows 7 x64 (64-Bit) PT-BR

Windows 7 – Baixando e ativando (tutorial definitivo)
Para ver o Tutorial: CLIQUE AQUI
( atualizado em: 13, dezembro, 2010 )

Caso voce possua uma placa de vídeo que não seja ON BOARD, quando for instalar o WIN 7, não altere a resolução de vídeo. Mude a resolução apenas DEPOIS que voce baixar a atualização do driver da placa de vídeo. Este procedimento evitará problemas ao inicializar o WIN 7.

Teclado sem fio pode não funcionar durante a instalação do WIN 7 (durante a reinicialização), portanto até que o novo sistema operacional esteja instalado no seu PC, use um teclado PS2.

Blender Material











All the materials in this webpage are free.
You can download this materials on click the download button under the pack image. All the files are in ZIP format and hosted by "esnips.com".

Each pack includes:
1- One ".blend" file whit the materials assigned to a sphere mesh ready for add to your scene. All the materials have a name to make it easier to use them.

In add, visit the "CATALOG PRINT SECTION" for download the printable catalog whit material names reference and aplication.


1- Load or make a new scene (or use some scene from your perssonal project, etc).
2- Use the Shift + F1 shortcut for call the "Load Library" dialog.
3- Use the browser in the window to find the ".blend" file whit the materials (COLORSHIFT 1 for example).
4- Click on it and, from the list, select the word "Material".
5- From the list of materials,choose and click the material name and then click on the "Load Library" button.
6- Go to the Materials section and select for asign the new material added to the scene on the meshes, curves, etc.

If you have problems whit the files, contact us at:


Oasis - Time Flies

cd oasis 2010

A banda Oasis surgiu no cenário mundial em 1994 como “marca” do tradicional rock inglês. Não demorou muito e estabeleceu-se como uma das bandas mais aclamadas dos anos 90 e um dos grupos britânicos mais bem sucedidos da história, tendo vendido mais de 50 milhões de discos desde 1994.

Em parceria com a Sony Music, a Som Livre fará o lançamento no Brasil de Time Flies… 1994 2009, um cd duplo que também será lançado mundialmente e representa a coleção definitiva de uma das bandas mais influentes do rock mundial.

Artista: Oasis
Album: Time Flies
Gênero: Rock
Ano: 1994 – 2009
Tamanho: 197Mb
BitRate: 128kbps
Formato: mp3
Download: CD 1CD 2CD 3

Lista de músicas

CD 1

CD 2
04. LYLA