June 25: British musician and actress Betty Curse - AKA Megan Burns - is 25-years old today.

Megan Burns was born in Liverpool, England. When she was three years old, her father left her and her mother. At age 11 her grandmother sent her to a drama class. When she was 14, she received a part in the film Liam, and won the Marcello Mastroianni award at the Venice film festival for her performance. Two years, later she appeared in the zombie film, 28 Days Later, where she played Hannah, one of the survivors.

In the 90’s she was part of an unsuccessful girl pop group. Burns has since worked as a singer under the pseudonym Betty Curse, a name chosen by Island Records, who gave her a “goth pop” image and a music identity that catered to a younger crowd.

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God This Hurts [Vinyl]

Her first single release was a double A-side, "Met on the Internet" and "Excuse All the Blood," released in May 2006. Her first album Hear Lies was released in October 2006 via iTunes. Her CD, Here Lies Betty Curse, was released in April 2007. The album's first single, "God This Hurts," was released in August 2007, shortly followed by "Girl with Yellow Hair" the following November. the single was written by Betty with Davey McManus, frontman and founder of The Crimea.

In 2006 she performed and won on a Halloween special of the children's television programme The Slammer with "Girl With Yellow Hair."

Betty's popularity grew via word-of-mouth support since her launch. Yahoo named her ‘Emerging Artist Of The Month’ for August 2006. Kerrang Radio playlisted her last single, the download release of “God This Hurts," on their daytime schedule. Kerrang TV and MTV 2 picked up on her very first video, for the track “Excuse All The Blood."

Online, NME.com and Kerrang.com gave exclusives to her previous two videos, and Myspace.com put her on their front page as one of their Features Artists.

She has since been dropped from Island Records.