June 18: Actress and singer, Kim Dickens - "Treme" is 46 years-old today.

From"Treme" (HBO)

Kim Dickens was a student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she made her stage debut in a student production of David Mamet's +Sexual Perversity in Chicago.

Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Dickens spent much of her active high school career involved with such activities as varsity softball and tennis, the National Honor Society, and receiving such honors as Senior Class Favorite before graduating in 1983.

Later earning her B.A. in communication from Vanderbilt University, Dickens also studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and is a member of the Open Stage theater company.

Making her feature debut in 1995, with the bumbling crime comedy Palookaville, Dickens spent the next few years acting in such made-for-television movies as Crimes of Passion: Voice From the Grave (1996), before returning to the big screen with Palookaville costar Vincent Gallo, in Kiefer Sutherland's Truth or Consequences, NM and the 1998 update of Charles Dickens' classic -Great Expectations.

"Out of Order" with Eric Stoltz
Kim has appeared in several other indie movies including Palookaville; Voice from the Grave; Truth or Consequences, N.M.; Heart Full of Rain; Zero Effect with Bill Pullman, Ben Stiller, and Ryan O'Neal. In Los Angeles, she played in Mercury Rising with Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin, and other commercial Hollywood productions such as Committed (2000); Hollow Man; The Gift; and House of Sand and Fog with Ben Kingsley. She also had roles in several television movies and shows including Two Mothers for Zachary; Big Apple; Out of Order, and  Things Behind the Sun.

"Out of Order" with Felicity Huffman, Eric Stoltz,and Justine Bateman
In the 2003 TV movie, Out of Order, Dickens took part in an unforgettable sensuous backyard pool tryst with Eric Stoltz.

Bringing in the new millennium with roles in such thrillers as The Hollow Man and The Gift, Dickens took a turn back to the small screen in 2001, for a role in the ambitious but short-lived series Big Apple. She then appeare in the TV show Deadwood from 2004-2006.

The resilient actress bounced back to the big screen again, later that year, with Last Call.

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Out of Order

Since 2004, she has appeared in the following movies and TV shows:
Thank You for Smoking (2006) as Jill Naylor
Wild Tigers I Have Known (2006) as The Counselor
• Red (2008) as Carrie Donnel
Friday Night Lights (2008 TV series) as Shelby Saracen
Lost (2006–2007; 2009) as Cassidy Phillips, 4 episodes
One Way to Valhalla (2009) as Jenny
FlashForward (2009) as Katie, 1 episode
The Blind Side (2009) as Mrs. Boswell

From "Lost"

Most recently, she is appearing in Treme, David Simon's HBO series about New Orleans In Treme, Kim plays Janette Desautel, a struggling chef who tried to keep her restaurant open while waiting for insurance to pay for her losses in the storm. When she was forced to close her restaurant in New Orleans, she moved to New York hoping for a new start.