June 22: UPDATE- 16 year-old Xenia Martinez beats odds and moves to next round on "The Voice."

UPDATE: She's out but I believe she is going to be a big success!

To most everyone's surprise, Xenia Martinez, the shy, 16-year old high school student from Temecula, California moved on to the next round on NBC's The Voice.

Unlike many of the contestants, who have professional experience and polish, but just haven't made it big yet, Xenia looks very uncomfortable on stage. But the voice; THE VOICE!

Coached by country singer Blake Shelton, she moved on after her performance of Jessie J's song "Price Tag."
Many of the acts onthe show you could say you've seen before in the guise of a professional who's preceded them; The hard rocker, the cowboy hat-wearing country singer, the quivering-voiced folk singer.
But Xenia sounds like no one else. Her discomfort on stage is endearing her voice a surprise, ala Susan Boyle- but cuter and 40 years-younger. She's so shy she said her high school classmates didn'teven know she could sing.     

The contestants are originally picked with the judges facing away from them. The judges  only cue to their talent is what they hear; the "voice." It's no surprise Xenia was selected in that first round. That's she lasted THIS long is a complete surprise. Host Carson Dailey, right in front of her, said just that.
Will she win? I doubt it, but if the criteria is the voice, Xenia has the most unique, and pleasant one in the contest.
If you root for underdogs you'll love Xenia.

Good luck, young lady!  

NOTE:   As an aside. She altered the lyrics during Her rendition of "Break Even" a song by the Irish band, The Script. In the original recording, The Script's lead singer Danny O'Donoghue, sang, "Prayed to a God that I don't believe in." Xenia sang, "Prayed to a God that I do believe in."