Serving Up the President-Elect on a Platter

I knew the commercial below existed for about a week, but never paid much attention to it...until this afternoon. I figured the new president-elect would complete the holy trinity (King, Kennedy and now Barack) hanging on the living room wall's of big mamas—do they still exist—everywhere. But now those commemorative plate folks have made it official, especially for white consumers. This is one of the funniest examples of white people patting themselves on the back for voting in the black guy...LOL. (Note: check out the dude looking up proudly at his new Obama plate propped up on his desk.) I only say this because there are hardly any black folks—or their sentiment—in the commercial, except, briefly, at the end. And so when the white guy, seated with his family on the couch, says, "I never thought this day would come," you kind of chuckle at the irony. Not to mention at the bottom of Barack's photo, the plate reads, "Change Has Come." But, judging from this commercial, not much has in their company's marketing strategy. What, they couldn't find an Asian and Latino family to round things out...LOL. Enjoy, if you haven't seen it already.