Radiohead - Kid A (Lossless/High Quality)

Radiohead - Kid A (Lossless/High Quality) | 293MB | RS,QS,ES

How is it that Kid A's opening track, laden with an electronic vocal stuttering "bleh, bluh-bleh bleh bluh" is the most fascinating statement made in rock & roll this year? Because somehow, even when Radiohead blathers and blips nonsense, it's profound. The band's future-perfect musical grammar may be hard to decipher, and the melody is even more subliminal, but the journey traveled with Radiohead reveals them to be not only rock music's greatest adventurers in 2000, but teachers as well.

Tracks : 

01: Everything in its right place
02: Kid a
03: The national anthem
04: How to dissappear completly
05: Treefingers
06: Optimistic
07: In limbo
08: Idoteque
09: Morning ball
10: Motion picture soundtrack