Dance Beat

Artist: VA
Album: Dance Beat
Year of release:: 2008
Style: Dance
Number of tracks: 20
Format: mp3
Size: 102.89 Mb
Bitrate: CBR / 192 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo

1.commercial club crew - diggers song (the 2 jays booty
2.Porn Kings - Amour
3.Koncept Tunez & Kolbaser Project - Time
4.Morandi - Angels (Masterboyz Remix)
5.Cascada - Miracle (USA radio mix)
6.Groove Coverage - God is a girl (DJ Splash re-mix)
7.Apollo - Dance (Megara vs. DJ Lee re-mix)
8.Liz Kay - Castles in the sky (Cascada re-mix)
9.Marc Korn - Feel free
10.Pumperz - Rhytm take control (Cascada radio mix)
11.Marc Korn vs. San Danielle - Secret of you (Sledge Hammer radio cut)
12.Rob Mayth - Barbie girl
13.Lunaspace - Show me the light
14.Special D - You (Rob Mayth radio edit)
15.Marc Korn - On my way (Rocco vs. Bass-T re-mix)
16.Clubgroovers - Warriors of love (Rob Mayth re-mix)
17.Groove Coverage - The End (Special D re-mix)
18.Alex Megane - I think of you (original radio mix)
19.Anthony Moon - How Can I Love
20.Rocco & Bass-T - I Can't Take It (Dancecore Mix Radio Cut)