Ben Harper - The Will To Live (Lossless / High Quality)

Ben Harper - The Will To Live (Lossless / High Quality) | 309MB | RS,ES

At 28 years intense, Harper released his third album, a mixture of R&B, deep blues, folk-rock, even topical singer-songwriter work (the deliberate, bluesy "Homeless Child"). Harper's voice and style marry the funk-blues of Taj Mahal and the eccentric, electric Dylan. Those weaned on his more commercially successful peers Hootie and the Blowfish and the Wallflowers will find that Harper is a revelation. At its best, The Will to Live is an eclectic and imaginative statement.

Tracks :
01 Faded
02 Homeless Child
03 Number Three
04 Roses From My Friends
05 Jah Work
06 I Want to Be Ready
07 The Will to Live
08 Ashes
09 Widow of a Living Man
10 Glory & Consequence
11 Mama's Trippin'
12 I Shall Not Walk Alone

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