July 3: Laura Branigan, "How Am I Supposed to Live," "Gloria" was born on this date in 1957...

She was 47 when she died from a brain aneurism. She had been suffering from headaches for several weeks before her death. Her ashes were scattered over Long Island Sound.

Laura is best known for her 1982 Platinum-certified hit "Gloria," which stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for 36 weeks, at the time a record for a female artist. Other notable successes include the No.1 single in Europe, "Self Control," Top 10 hit "Solitaire," and for the No.1 Adult Contemporary hit "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You."

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Laura also contributed songs to films and television soundtracks, including the Grammy- and Academy Award-winning Flashdance soundtrack, the Ghostbusters soundtrack, and the Baywatch soundtrack, as well as having songs featured in the popular "Grand Theft Auto" video game series.

Her signature song "Gloria" stayed on the Billboard Hot 100  for 36 weeks, at the time a record for a female artist. The song holds a place in the top 100 singles of both 1982 and 1983.

She also played Janis Joplin in the American musical "Love, Janis."

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