How to Tag Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Graffiti Alphabet A-Z

Graffiti street art does not always have to be done outside. You can learn the alphabet by practicing your tag in the paper, adding slowly grow, and develop your own style. Many people start with a tag write my name in graffiti, but to fully develop your style, start by tagging alphabet.

Things You Need to prepare:
  • Pencil
  • Eraser (either vinyl or crushed)
  • Mixing equipment
  • Book sketcher
  • Markers
Step 1:
Using sketchbooks and pencils, explore and take impressions style. Are Asian, Indian, Persian, or Arabic, thinking dynamically as you move smoothly. Think dramatic. Your tag is your signature, and only when you learn to sign a check, you should feel comfortable. Make sure that you can still read the alphabet.

Step 2:
Add the element tag by deleting the final letter. You can add an arrow to give a sense of direction. Add the developing world such as spinning or complementary to the structure of the letter. Symbols can be added to your alphabet as well.

Step 3:
Because the letters are so important, it is important to develop a pattern of letters. The best place for beginners is with the bubble letters. Use a circular motion which is different from the wrist to the paper. Letter overlapping but not connected.

Step 4:
After sufficient sketches, using strong lines to outline the letters with markers. Use dark colors to add a shadow, and third, to add a lighter color of light, like stars, or light sources. Because the letters are fat, you can add extra symbols or writing on the papers. Use lowercase letters to write, or symbols specific to you.