Draw Graffiti On Paper

Draw Graffiti On Paper

I do not have to encourage you to attract non-official graffiti in public places, at the end of the day that is illegal, so the decision is yours! Ideally, stick to the painting in places where you have permission to do so.

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Graffiti is the art of the end! This is an art that allows you to express yourself. Many people think graffiti is vandalism, but they just did not take the time to really look at the skills involved in producing the work.

So, you want to know how to draw graffiti, or how to improve existing skills? There is real hard and fast rules. But here are some guidelines:
  1. Letter graffiti usually overlap each other to some degree
  2. Letter graffiti drawn in the 3D effects
  3. Graffiti art is usually painted with bright colors that attract attention, because attention is a primary goal of graffiti is better to start studying and practicing the skills you draw graffiti on a small scale, and then once you have mastered the techniques, think about transferring jobs You are on a larger canvas, like a wall. To start a small scale you need a pencil to sketch the letters, something like a standard HB lead is enough.
There are several online sites where you can go to get some ideas graffiti fonts, some of these sites allow you to enter text and drawings make the text in a different sample letters. I've included some links to some graffiti sites below for you to see and get some idea of the font. Simply print the font sample that you like and use it to copy from. Once you are satisfied with the letters and the text you've drawn, they began to color with a permanent marker. Choose bright colors for maximum effect. First, use a good signal to track the line round the letter. Furthermore, to obtain or 3D effects occur, use a different color for the shaded area around the inside of the letters that you just described.

If you have chosen to paint graffiti on your wall, mark a rectangle on the wall in the proportion of small-scale your drawing. Chalk, charcoal or white paint thinner ideal for this exercise, basically using something that can be painted with ease. Then the rectangle into a box small box (draw a similar box on the small-scale works of art as well). Both grid will help you scale your image with a larger size in the wall while maintaining the same proportions. Next using chalk or charcoal to sketch the outlines of the letters. Once you have sketched the lines on your grid, the background color in your work with diluted paint using aerosol or roller, white or beige is best. Keeping a thin layer of your background! If the background has dried, use aerosol cans to paint a different color of your text. Start with the lightest color first, and largest region, leaving the details until last.