Motörhead (1980) Ace of Spades (320Kbps)

AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 320.0 kbit | 88MB | RS & ES

With the 1980 release of Ace of Spaces, Motörhead had their anthem of anthems -- that is, the title track -- the one trademark song that would summarize everything that made this early incarnation of the band so legendary, a song that would be blasted by legions of metalheads for generations on end. It's a legendary song, for sure, all two minutes and 49 bracing seconds of it. And the album of the same name is legendary as well, among Motörhead's all-time best, often considered their single best, in fact, along with Overkill.

1 Ace of Spades 2:49
2 Love Me Like a Reptile 3:23
3 Shoot You in the Back 2:39
4 Live to Win 3:37
5 Fast and Loose 3:23
6 (We Are) The Road Crew 3:12
7 Fire, Fire 2:44
8 Jailbait 3:33
9 Dance 2:38
10 Bite the Bullet 1:38
11 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch 4:18
12 The Hammer 2:45