Anarchist Graffiti Gets a Simulcast Deal

Long time, no posts. If you were miffed by the lack of entries, sorry. But, hey, life happens. And mucho has certainly changed since we last wrote. Barack was barely keeping up with McCain in the polls just two months ago. The country's economy drops like a 747 in massive turbulence. Foreclosures on the rise. Unemployment on the rise. McCain rallies damn near become Klan meetings (surprised no one yelled "Nigger" in between all those shouts of "Off with his head"). Barack wins two debates. The country sees Palin for who she REALLY is. Then, whoa, things change in Barack's favor. Ah well, the 4th still looms. But other things have changed as far as this blog goes, which is part of the reason I haven't posted in a while. Last month I cut a syndication deal with the upcoming site to share content. So, until the site finally launches, I thought to put Anarchist Graffiti on a brief hiatus (though in blog time, months seem like years...LOL). In the meantime, I also used the time off to work on projects and try (operative word being "try") putting together another book project. Though that, as I learned from working on Scream can take a minute. As a result, I should be back on my blog game a lot tighter than I have recently.