Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Wow, I don’t think a louder political statement has been made with clothing items since feminists supposedly burned bras in Atlantic City. Of all the insults and expletives hurdled at President Bush, especially over his war in Iraq, I’m sure none hit home like the shoes being hurdled at him by that Iraqi journalist. By now Bush knows the cultural insult implied by the attempted assault with footwear (the same ending Saddam’s statue met when it fell). It means you are the lowest of the low. But I wonder if it dawned on him, finally, how despised and vulnerable, he has become. And, when I say vulnerable, I don’t just mean the 7 seconds or so it took for Secret Service to respond (guess they were also distracted reading My Pet Goat), but how REALLY much of a prisoner to bad history and global ill-will he’s going to become. Well, since we can’t ascertain this from what he says—joking afterwards—let’s see if he gets it from the look on his face during and after the shoes whizzed by….